8-09-06: Sorry about forgetting the comic yesterday. It was Jeff's birthday so I headed over to his house extra-early to partake in the day-long festivities. The comic's up now, so no need for worries.

8-02-06: The webcomic's been updated, the Links page has a new webcomic in the spotlight, and look! There's even a new Becca avatar. Awww. Too bad the comic that this picture goes to hasn't been released yet! Ha ha ha!

7-25-06: What's tan, makes a lot of noise, and is now fully functional? Give up? The scanner! It's up and running again, so the webcomic will be back to our old shenanigans in a week or two. Why so long? Because, unlike some webcomics, I like to have a giant pile of already-completed comics at my disposal, in case anything goes wrong. Let me scan & Flash my stockpile, and we'll be back in business.

6-23-06: Like I already said, the scanner that I use to scan in the comics is broken. I don't quite know what's wrong with it, so the Kyokai might take a short week (or maybe 2 week) break to fix the scanner, scan the following week's comics, and get everything back on track.

6-07-06: Sorry about leaving the same preview picture up here for days. All the other stuff for the update is done with the push of a button, but I have to manually update the index, and I just plum forgot Monday.

5-29-06: Check out our awesome 200x40 banner at SplurdNet! Feel free to use that and link to your heart's content. I'll be putting the banner up here soon (and a wider assortment of sizes and stuff!)

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