Rant as of August 21

A Calvin-styled Orc pissing on the Alliance symbol. YES. I don't care what faction you prefer, that's funny right there. It was orginially going to go on Shendir's (my Tauren character--the one in the comic) dad's Kodo, like a real 'Calvin-peeing-on-_______' logo. You guys know those are bootlegged and copyright infringing, right? Yea, and the religious ones too. So anytime you see an SUV filled with a bunch of kids and a bible-thumping parent, you just inform them that that 'adorable little boy praying' decal is against the law. "Thou shalt not steal"...and then they go and rip of Mr. Watterson's character and make him piss/pray all over everything! Lemme tell ya, stuff like that just irritates me to no end! No respect for other's work!

Ahem, anyway, where were we? Oh yea, that's my Tauren (Shendir) and Adren (Jeff's NE Rogue). Aaaaaaw, well ain't that cute? But it's WRONG (*Foghorn*)! So much hostility between the Horde and the Alliance. I've actually been threatened to be 'removed' from my current guild on my Idachi account because I was labled as a Horde sympathiser. Pfft, they're just pissed because the Horde owns ass in the battlegrounds on an hourly basis. Oh well, the game is all about blind jingoism (and getting epic gear, can't forget that), so it's only natural to have people give you crap when you admit to taking sides.
/For the Horde!
//the Alliance is full of twinks and jerks.
///Fun Fact: That first panel is currently my favorite thing ever drawn for the webcomic. Considering a wallpaper version.

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